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Wake Up! It's Yesterday

Julieta Tetelbaum, 2021

Short Film 35mm 4K - 8 minutes - Fiction - New York

Wake Up! It's Yesterday is an existentialist-queer-feminist short film directed by Julieta Tetelbaum. It was filmed in New York City during the pandemic in 2020. Wake Up! It's Yesterday is a journey through the mind of a cotton candy vendor on her way home from work.

This short film is part of the collection of the Public Library of Congress of Argentinahas been exhibited in museums, art galleries, and international film festivals.


Exhibitions + International Film Festivals + Publications 2021-2023:

  • Public Library of Congress of Argentina presents: Julieta Tetelbaum + María Luisa Bemberg. - Buenos Aires, Arg.

  • Solo Show: Complete filmography at Casa Brandon - Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  • Fringe! Queer Film & Arts Fest x Queer Art(ist) Now - London, UK.

  • Bristol Pride Festival - Bristol, UK. 

  • Scottish Queer International Film Festival - Glasgow, Scotland. 

  • Visible Festival de Cine LGBTQI+ - Panama, Panama. 

  • DCFF Deptford Cinema Film Festival - London, UK. 

  • Queer Vision Film Festival - Bristol, UK. 

  • Boden International Film Festival - Boden, Sweden. 

  • London International Monthly Film Festival - London, UK. 

  • Stockholm City Film Festival - Stockholm, Sweden. 

  • Malarkey Film Festival at Phoenix Cinema - London, UK. 

  • Altered Images - London, UK. 

  • Sweden Film Awards - Stockholm, Sweden. 

  • Crossroads International Short Film Festival - Istanbul, Turkey. 

  • Lift-Off Sessions - Hollywood, US. 

  • Nouvelle Film Festival - Paris, France. 

  • Pan Eros Film Festival - Washington, US. 

  • Seattle Erotic - Seattle, US. 

  • Trailers Movie Video Club Film Festival - London, UK. 

  • Club Lucero Cortos Por Mujeres - Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

  • Sur Reel & Uncanny Film Festival - London, UK.

  • International Sub Art Magazine - Graz, Austria.

  • SARA Imprenta Riso - Mexico City, Mexico.

  • Fresh Salad at RuptureXibit Gallery - London, UK.

  • Zanna Magazine - London, UK. 

  • Embassy of Argentina presents Orgullo Festival - London, UK.


Written, Directed & Edited by Julieta Tetelbaum

Produced by Genderless Films

Cotton Candy Vendor: Cindy Keiter

Subway Person: Lory Henning

Animation: Sofia Quirno

Voice-over: Cindy Keiter

Voice-over Recording: Sol Liebeskind

Sound Designer: Julieta Tetelbaum

Wardrobe: Rosa Epelman

Assistant: Damián 

Director of Photography & Camera: Julieta Tetelbaum

Copyright © 2021 by Julieta Tetelbaum. All rights reserved.

  • Wake Up! It's Yesterday [Eng/Spa Sub] 4K
  • Wake Up! It's Yesterday (Obsession Scene)
  • Wake Up! It's Yesterday (Obsession Scene)
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