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Undrown'd: Seeking Asylum

This play was presented at Connelly Theatre New York City in 2016.

As a father and daughter endure indefinite detention, hope for a new life begins to fade. In the face of an uncertain future, together they find magic in unexpected places. Undrown'd: Seeking Asylum was developed as a way to speak about the global migrant crisis, to examine immagration issues on an individual, human level. Inspired by Shakespeare’s The Tempest and using news media and accounts from refugees, this is a story about immigration, imagination, survival and the resilience of human spirit.

Directed & Devised by Benita de Wit

Choreographer: Julieta Tetelbaum
Producers: Caolan Hunter, Brandon Kahn, Georgina Ratnatunga

Script: Benita de Wit with Emily Comisar  

Composer: Gemma Peacocke

Production Stage Manager: Jessi Cotter 

Assistant Stage Managers: Shalyn Clark, Joan Wyatt 

Set Designer: Edward Morris

Lighting Designer: Chris Thielking

Lighting Associate: Erik Norbury 

Costume Designer: Rose Bisogno 

Studio Engineer: Greg Hanson 

Properties Master: Jay William Thomas 

Fight Choreographer: Jon Meyer

Dramaturgy: Emily Comisar, Danya Martin 

Translation: Mauricio Pita, Salma Zohdi 

Accent Coaching: Victoria Collado 

Graphic Design: Yue Liu

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