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This exhibition was part of Frieze New York Festival in 2016.

Marta Minujín's performance 'Toronjas' (Grapefruits), a work originally created by the highly awarded Argentinian visual artist Marta Minujín in Mexico City in 1977. It's been reconstructed by Marta Minujín in collaboration with Andrea Miller featuring dancers of Gallim Dance Company as part of the world-renowned 2016 Frieze New York Festival.

'Toronjas' receives its US premiere on May 2016 in Seabury Hall in Chelsea, NYC, where twenty people, dressed in white overalls with yellow buckets covering their heads, spread over the floor 6000 grapefruits, while dancing and singing onomatopoeic phrases alluding working with the ground, inside a square wooden frame. Produced by Another Space with additional support from the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, 'Toronjas' remained on exhibition for as long as the fruit took to ripen and rot.

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