Black Chalk

2022 / 8min / 35mm / Fiction 

'Black Chalk' is a film about the intimacy of a woman with Down's Syndrome who writes with black chalk a list of daily activities to organise her life. It's the story of a non-industrialised-healthy body.


Written, Directed & Edited by Julieta Tetelbaum

Produced by Genderless Films

Cast: Fernanda Lewin-Hirschhorn

Director of Photography: Julieta Tetelbaum
Sound Recording, Design, Mixing and Editing: Sebastián De La Riega

Colour Grading: Lisandro Eymann 

Director Assistant: Norberto Lewin

Art Director: Julieta Tetelbaum

Wardrobe: Rosa Epelman

Seamstress: Melina Caderosso

Location Manager: Miriam Bernardo

Lighting Technician: Damián Allegretti

Camera Operator: Julieta Tetelbaum

Music Recorded at Bacque Engineer Studio New York

Music Recording, Mixing and Mastering: Luis Bacque

Music Composer: Agustín Uriburu
Drums: Damián Allegretti

Guitar: Agustín Uriburu

Bass: Luis Bacque

© 2022 Julieta Tetelbaum

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