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Black Chalk

Julieta Tetelbaum, 2022

Short Film 35mm 4K - 8 minutes - Fiction - Buenos Aires

Black Chalk is a film about the intimacy of a woman with Down's Syndrome who writes on the wall with black chalk a list of daily activities to organise her life.

This short film is part of the collection of the Library of Congress of Argentinahas been exhibited in museums, art galleries, and international film festivals.

Exhibitions + International Film Festivals + Publications:

  • María Luisa Bemberg + Julieta Tetelbaum (full shorts) at Library of Congress of Argentina.

  • Solo Exhibition at IA&A Hillyer Gallery - Washington DC, US.

  • Solo Exhibition. Complete filmography at Casa Brandon - Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

  • Screening at the BFI - The Film Selections from Oska Bright Film Festival - London, UK.

  • La Mujer y El Cine at MALBA The Latin American Art Museum & Teatro San Martín - Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  • The Swedenborg Society Film Festival - London, UK.

  • Porto Femme Film Festival - Porto, Portugal.

  • Fic Silente Film Festival - at Cinemateca Luis Buñuel - Puebla, Mexico.

  • Diametrale Film Festival - Innsbruck, Austria.

  • European Film Festival Integration You and Me - Koszalin, Poland.

  • Visions of Sound: Noises, Rhythms and Acoustic Ambients by LoosenArt - Rome, Italy.

  • Reflection of Disability in Art International Film Festival - Thessaloniki, Greece.

  • Rebel Reel Cine Club - London, UK.

  • Films & New Media Festival Narrar El Futuro 22 - Bogotá, Colombia.

  • Shorts On Tap Film Festival - London, UK.

  • La Sur Real Film Festival - Leipzig, Germany.

  • Boden International Film Festival - Boden, Sweden.

  • Warmoes Nights Film Festival - Amsterdam, Netherlands.

  • Tape Collective + Good Wickedry - London, UK. 

  • Luleå International Film Festival - Luleå, Sweden.

  • Elastiek & AV HUB Synths & Visuals - Rotterdam, Netherlands.

  • MicroActs - London, UK.

  • Lisbon Film Rendezvous - Lisboa, Portugal.

  • Delivision: Theatre Deli - London, UK.

  • Encuentro Internacional de Cine - Monterrey, Mexico.

  • International Sub Art Magazine - Graz, Austria.

  • Film & Beyond Art Festival  - London, UK.

  • Festival del Cinema Di Cefalu - Venice, Italy.

  • Housemates Festival at Brixton House - London, UK.

  • Video Art Miden Festival - Kalamata, Greece.

  • Longless Film Festival - Lombardy, Italy.

  • IPAS Film Festival - Athens, Greece. 

  • Embassy of Argentina presents Orgullo Festival - London, UK.

  • Darkroom Festival - London, UK.

  • Chicharra Festival de Investigación Sonora - Sevilla, Spain.

  • Festival Internacional de Videopoesía VideoBardo - Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  • Oska Bright Film Festival - Brighton, UK.

  • Festival de Cine Radical - La Paz, Bolivia.

  • HOME Cinema Theatre Manchester - Manchester, UK.

  • Margins, Photo Exhibition at Mira Forum Gallery - Porto, Portugal.

  • This Homeland - Art in Focus, one year exhibition at NHS hospitals by The Imperial Health Authority - London, UK.


Written, Directed & Edited by Julieta Tetelbaum

Produced by Genderless Films

Cast: Fernanda Lewin-Hirschhorn

Director of Photography: Julieta Tetelbaum

On-set Sound Recording, Design, Mixing, and Editing: Sebastián De La Riega

Colour Grading: Lisandro Eymann

Director Assistant: Norberto Lewin

Art Director: Julieta Tetelbaum

Wardrobe: Rosa Epelman

Seamstress: Melina Caderosso

Location Manager: Miriam Bernardo

Lighting Technician: Damián

Camera Operator: Julieta Tetelbaum

Music Recorded at Bacque Engineer Studio, New York

Music Recording, Mixing and Mastering: Luis Bacque

Music Composer: Agustín Uriburu

Drums: Damián

Guitar: Agustín Uriburu

Bass: Luis Bacque

Copyright © 2022 by Julieta Tetelbaum. All rights reserved.

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